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That moment when you’re trying to write and it’s either purple purple purple word salad, or you don’t even know how to form sentences or even words

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First (short) bit of my Milady character study fic, based on my headcanon ( ), more to come when (if) I have the time. I also have the BEST character study bunny about Athos but I really need more time. Anyway, here goes:

There was no Heaven or Hell.

As the rope tightened around her neck, she glimpsed into death, and saw nothing. No angels, no demons to take her away somewhere better, or worse. Priests and Princes and Books of Truth fill the afterlife with so much clutter, when the answer is clearer and simpler, so obvious.

And then she came to life. Anne belonged to nothing from then on: when she opened her eyes, she was Milady. Although she didn’t go by that name yet, she didn’t even know who was the person she’d become — she would, eventually, and despite all the names and identities that she would later assume, Milady was the best fit of all, the one meant to survive.

At first she was lost, and confused, and just as a newborn, she wept, crying herself raw. She was weeping on Anne’s death — that much she knew, because no one else would cry on her — and how unfair it was that she was alive instead. It made no sense. None of it did. There was a hole, a bottomless well that Anne had left, poor Anne, pure Anne, with her heart full of love for her murderer.

When the crying subsided, and she came to herself, starting to grasp and master who she was, Milady touched the mark on her throat, and to Anne’s shadow, promised revenge.

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A’ight, I promised myself I would write a sequel to the Bertholdt/Annie/Reiner threesome porn ( ) if it reached 100 kudos on AO3, which it did by and large, so M/M/F double penetration fic it is. *cracks knuckles*

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Plot bunnies that the Musketeers have inspired me so far

…if you can call them “plot” bunnies

-brothel AU where Porthos and Aramis want Athos to unwind and take him to a bordel where there happens to be a young and dashing Gascon who tries to make a living

-mpreg!Aramis. I just want to give the man a baby, he obviously needs to be impregnated. And then I’d like to write about him trying to reconcile being pregnant and a soldier, and then when the baby’s there him swordfighting like a badass with the kid tied in a scarf behind his back, à la Lone Wolf and Cub

-sort of Queer As Folk modern AU where Athos and Aramis are fuck buddies and students at the Sorbonne and then Aramis meets Porthos and Athos meets d’Artagnan and I guess it ends up in an orgy and they also belong to the same student fencing club or something… I don’t even know; may or may not be inspired by my own student life. Also, fencing is sexy.

-oh and I want to write fic about The Enlightenment, the short film with naked!Tom Burke and lots of sexual tension with an 18th century nerdy lady

I don’t have time to write any of this (story of my life), and I’ll probably go with the most obscure of them if I ever do

My life choices are fucked up.

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We're the gladiators (Reiner/Bertholdt/Annie)

Title: We’re the gladiators

Author: sevenswells

Beta: none, unfortunately my native language is French, but if you want to help me out and correct my mistakes, you’re more than welcome!


Fandom/Pairing: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, Reiner Braun/Bertholdt Fubar/Annie Leonhardt

Warnings: threesome, M/M/F, and utter Plot What Plot. Except for the times where the porn turns weirdly emotional because I’m me. Also careful, potential spoilers from the manga by the end of the fic (well something I’ve deduced about the characters involved which might turn out to be true)

Summary: Deep down, Bertholdt thinks he doesn’t belong with Annie and Reiner. They’ll fuck him out and prove him wrong.

Word count: 3029 w.

Read it here on AO3 or here on LiveJournal.

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600 words in and it’s already VERY, VERY FILTHY. And it’s going to get gradually worse. Lord help me.

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I seem to be in the middle of writing a Reiner/Bertholdt/Annie PWP threesome FOR NO REASON AT ALL. I DON’T EVEN SHIP IT, NOT PARTICULARLY (I mean I do, sort of? But it’s not even my main SnK pairing!). I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON WITH ME.

More on this later tonight, I guess I need not to think about this for too long and just throw the thing out there on the Internet when it’s done.

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Prompt: Q has a fetish for muscles/a kink of feeling overpowered in bed (just force and muscles, not a rape kink or BDSM stuff) and ends up being the filling of a 00 sandwich.


Still don’t have the time to write this but it doesn’t stop the bunnies from coming ;_;

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Oh. No. 00Q feels. Again. Why. I don’t have the time!

(woke up this morning wanting to write a fic where Q gives head to Bond while Bond’s driving the Aston Martin. Fuck if I know where that particular bunny comes from)

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