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*facedesk* I’m so bored of those stupid magazine chronicles I have to write but I need them for the money and i just generally feel like a giant baby — who’s also sick with the flu, fuck my life

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Currently squeeing my head off because a guy who’s ACTUALLY MALTESE commented on “A Tale of Malta” and said he liked it and made me a few compliments




(I feel ridiculously happy about it heeeee)

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Almost done with my cooks in 1870s France *self-five* Up next I have to write my monthly articles for a certain magazine (ugh), and then, augurs permitting, fic. I have the choice between:

-Chinese swordsmen (RESEARCH! HISTORY!)

-hot zombie dad hiring sexy zombie baby-sitter (FLUFF! or maybe knowing myself PLOT!)

-Athos/d’Artagnan chef!AU (MOAR FOOD!)

-Reiner/Annie/Bertholdt sequel fic (MOAR PORN!)

Decisions, decisions…

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like a day and fifteen notes on that goddamn post and still no one has written me a fic where simon is a hot single dad (and maybe rich and sort of a jerk) and hires kieren as a babysitter



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Current mood: 17th century Chinese swordsmen! Learn more about the Chinese empire and the Forbidden City and the Chinese-French cultural and economical and political exchanges!

…but first, cooks in 1870s France. Not that it’s a hassle particularly, but it’s for work, and thus less fun than fic.

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No, brain. Your host needs to work to earn actual money. Stop coming up with fic ideas of BDSM with zombies or badass Chinese swordsmen meeting Musketeers. Just stop, okay? You’re not helping.

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A Tale Of Malta - sevenswells - The Musketeers (2014), d'Artagnan Romances (Three Musketeers Series) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Title: A Tale Of Malta

Author: sevenswells

Beta: breathtaken/crabsandlobsters

Rating: Mature

Fandom/Pairing: The Musketeers (2014), Athos/Aramis

Warnings/Tropes: Fake relationship, sex in a hammam, erotic asphyxiation, mild Stockholm Syndrome

Summary: Athos and Aramis are sent to Malta on a delicate mission where the odds are decidedly stacked against them, involving a French aristocrat made hostage, pirates of the Mediterranean Sea, and Turkish baths.

Notes: Credits for the cover picture go to sweetrupturedlight (original post here : ) who kindly gave me their permission to use it and associate it with this fic.

I loved writing this, to me it’s the perfect summer fic: travel and exoticism and sunny places and pirates and political intrigue! Huzzah!

Word count: 7 635

Read it here on AO3

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